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Shirts used for different types of work and conditions. Choose from polo shirts, casual shirts, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, woven shirts, high visibility shirts and more.


Topps Firewear Public Safety Long Sleeve Shirt - SH95
Topps Firewear Public Safety Short Sleeve Shirt - SH96
Topps Indura Long Sleeve Shirt - SH93
Topps Nomex 4.5 oz. Nomex Long Sleeve Public Safety Shirt - SH95
Topps Nomex 4.5 oz. Nomex Short Sleeve Public Safety Shirt - SH96
Topps Nomex Hidden Snap-Front Short Sleeve Shirt - SH06
Topps Nomex Snap-Front Long Sleeve Shirt - SH15
Topps Nomex Uniform Style Long Sleeve Shirt - SH17
Topps Nomex Uniform Style Short Sleeve Shirt - SH16
Topps NOMEX Wildland Fire Fighting Long Sleeve Shirt - SH35-5648
Topps Public Safety Style Short Sleeve Shirt - SH99