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Walls Shirts

Walls shirts used for different types of work and conditions. Choose from polo shirts, casual shirts, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, woven shirts, high visibility shirts and more.


Walls Men's Flame Resistant Core Work Long Sleeve Shirt - FRO56915
Walls Men's Flame Resistant High End Shirt - FRO56390
Walls Men's Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - FRO56388
Walls Men's Heavy Weight Welding Shirt - 56101J
Walls Men's Long Sleeve Shirt With Reflective Striping - PD56601J
Walls Men's Mid Weight Welding Shirt - 56100
Walls Men's Short Sleeve Pocket Tee - 56575
Walls Men's Sleeveless Tee - 56580
Walls Men's Yukon Fleece Pullover Sweatshirt - 37215
Walls Men's Yukon Fleece Zip Front Sweatshirt - 37129